22 Aug 2016

Face/Off (1997) 35mm au Bar le Ritz PDB

traduction française à vénir!

Thanks to the support of those who came to see Beau Travail 35mm (1999) July 11th, Bar le Ritz is moving forward on a plan to host 35mm film screenings monthly!

August 22nd, Bar le Ritz screens John Woo’s FACE/OFF (1997), with projection by Robert Film Services.

Nicolas Cage is domestic terrorist Castor Troy. John Travolta is Special Agent Sean Archer. Six years earlier, Troy killed Archer’s son during a botched assassination attempt. When an airplane showdown leaves Troy unconscious, possibly dead, Archer commits the ultimate sacrifice. In order to discover the whereabouts of a bomb hidden somewhere in Los Angeles, Archer undergoes a highly experimental surgery. His face is surgically removed and replaced with that of the man responsible for the death of his son. What Archer didn’t count on was Troy ever waking up, much less then grafting Archer’s face onto his head. Now it’s personal and the two will… face off. It’s called FACE/OFF… $10.

35mm screenings cost a little bit more than our other movie nights in order to cover any combination of promotion, print rental/preparation, screening rights and projection services.

Print courtesy of Professor Peter Rist.

Order some pizza + bring a date!


*feel free to order some pizza or bring other snacks to this event.
Sit back, relax and enjoy! we will have Popcorn to give away with any purchase!

*****le ritz pdb is wheelchair accessible, with a metal ramp on the inside of the front entrance. The bar is located on the ground floor, its entry facing directly onto Jean-Talon Ouest. Washrooms are also wheelchair accessible and gender-neutral.**

please post any questions below this post!

à bientôt et merci!

– bar le “ritz”

GA / 18 +